Meet Our Team

Matthew Ellener
Matthew has been at the heart of our restoration projects for several years and has gained expertise in a wide ranging field of automotive enhancements that include such diverse activities as body fabrication and welding, bodywork repairs and refinishing processes, mechanical improvement and overhaul, MOT preparation, Lazer wheel alignment, glass and screen replacement, repairs and overhauls to delicate components -such as carbs, power steering systems, axle rebuilds, engine modifications etc .
Justin Gathercole
Having been employed at the Lotus Car factory for many years, Justin worked in a variety of departments including the Esprit assembly and engine assembly production lines. With an engineering background, Justin is very adept at making parts that have become discontinued or obsolete, and also in upgrading and modifying standard items. He is also a highly skilled welder.
David Wells
Widely experienced in the refinishing industry, David runs the paint shop and is responsible for making sure parts & panels are cleaned , prepared and refinished to a high standard. He is also in charge of the administration of the business, customer liason , parts sourcing and sales.